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A Wide Range of Multiaxis Strategies

Multiaxis machining can dramatically increase a shop’s competitiveness, and Mastercam’s multiaxis add-in offers a wide range of multiaxis machining strategies – both basic and advanced. With Mastercam, you have complete control over the three crucial elements of multiaxis machining: toolpath types, tool motion, and tool axis. And you get that control in a clear, easy to understand way.

Streamlined multiaxis programming tools make projects easier than ever before. video

multiaxis gouge check
Advanced gouge checking helps ensure safe cuts in even the most complex operations.

multiaxis parameters
Mastercam's advanced multiaxis machining lets you choose what type of project you are doing and adjusts the interface to show exactly what you need.

3D contouring
Mastercam's link options offer complete control over entry/exit, cut-to-cut, and between cut moves.

Multiaxis Toolpath Types

multiaxis roughing
Efficient multiaxis roughing techniques help ensure accurate cuts and short turnaround times.
multiaxis trimming
5-axis contour cutting for easy trimming




5-axis drilling
Fast, efficient 5-axis drilling

multisurface swarf
Multisurface swarf cutting keeps the tool against drive surfaces for a smooth finish

rail swarf
Rail swarf cutting lets you control the cut using a lower rail

multiaxis flowline
5-axis flowline can machine a pattern that follows the natural shape of the part

cutting methods
Mastercam gives you a variety of tool motion choices: one way cutting, zigzag cutting, and smooth spiral cutting

4-axis roll die programming delivers easy programming specialized for roll dies and vertical walls on cylindrical parts

rotary 4-axis
Streamlined rotary 4-axis cutting

Tool Motion Control

added cuts
Mastercam can add toolpath points to tightly curved areas for a smoother, more consistent finish

entry exit
Full entry and exit control lets you determine exactly where and how the cutter enters and leaves your part

lead lag
Mastercam gives you complete control over your lead/lag and side tilt

Tool Axis Control

Shank containment simplifies working in confined spaces

axis limits
Mastercam's axis limits controls tool motion between defined angles, ensuring the tool tilt will not violate part or machine tool limits

In addition to general-purpose multiaxis machining, Mastercam also has specialized add-ons for multi-bladed parts and cylinder head ports.